Chanelling my inner African Queen



Hey Darling! Today I wanted to interrupt your regular viewing schedule to let you know about this gorgeous brand  AYARHA. A while ago the owner contacted me to see if I would like to shoot her pieces and I was instantly so excited. These two piece bought out my inner African Goddess and I am living for it! 

I especially wanted to post this look on my blog at this time to showcase the beautiful work that black owned business owners such as Joyleen are creating to counter the work of those who work hard to make POC feel inferior and less than in today's society. 

 If you would like to follow my lead and also channel your inner African Goddess you can do so by using my discount code Grandykat15 at checkout to save ££££ off all purchases from the AYARHA site. 

Also I would to say a massive thanks to my incredible photographer Elizebeth Okoh check out her work @sewafolie on IG xxx.

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