The white suit feeling


What I wore 

For somebody's who's favourite colour is white this suit for me is basically all my dreams coming true at once! Double breasted jacket's for me are the best type of Jackets and this M&S one is perfect for Summer because of it's light material. Growing up white suits were something that I would only see flamboyant uncles wear to weddings (If your African I'm sure you can relate) so this is my ode to them. Now I can see why they strutted around with so much confidence, it's definitely the white suit feeling.

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  1. You look insane girl, so so gorgeous! x

  2. Love this outfit! The suit looks so good on you and the tailoring is so pretty
    Feel free to check out my latest post x

  3. HOW do you make this look so gorgeous? It's such a masculine look, but you make it so feminine and cool. Amazing look :)


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