Stepping into 2017 like...


What I wore::
Necklace by Deluxe Chokers
Shade London skirt at ASOS,
Simmi Perspex heels

Happy New Year!!! It's 2017 woo! I'm hoping you've all had an amazing festive period.
In my first look of the year I'm sporting a suupeer cute look that I have been obsessed with! Since posting this look on my Instagram story (@grandykat) I've been been having questions on where I got the top from. I literally burst out laughing when I first got asked because it's simply button up white shirt (this one in particular I used to wear as school uniform!!).

Stepping into 2017 like.........
But the trick is you simply button it off the shoulder, (just like when Queen herself Rhianna did it), then you gather the bottom half of your shirt and wrap it through the neck line till its secure Ta'da. Just like that, remember you heard it from me first ha!
Now I'm sure you've already read enough soppy New year related jargon to keep you going till our earth orbits the sun again, so let me not dribble on but I do want to wish you all an incredible 2017 and to thank everyone who continuously clicks on my link and appreciates what I do to any capacity. You're all amazing God bless you all. 

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  1. you look incredible! Amazing little DIY with the shirt too.


  2. Happy New Year, babe!! Dang you're giving Naomi Campbell a run for her money in this outfit. Love everything about this!!!

    xo, Carla

  3. Very nice post.really I apperciate your blog.Thanks for sharing.keep sharing more blogs.



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