Never have I ever: Palazzo trousers


What I wore: 


Lets play Never have I ever!

 I've titled this post never have I ever because this is the first pair of Palazzo trousers I've ever owned! In fact this is the first time i've ever ventured into the world of none skinny trousers period and I feel like a new woman! There's something about the feeling of the flowing fabric as I strut down the street that just makes me feel so very powerful! Its the type of feeling that makes you hold your head up higher and swing your hips with a little more sas! I've honestly been obsessed with this super affordable pair from Prettylittlething since purchasing and I cannot wait to delve more into the world of the wide leg trouser! 

Now tell me in the comments what Fashion Item have you never tried and why haven't you!

Have a beautiful day doll and remember your beautiful in Gods eyes'xx

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  1. Everything about this post is bomb! From the outfit to the set up to the shots. Beautiful work
    Love you blog!

  2. This is so stunning?? Like I can't handle how gorgeous you look against that yellow wall. I love the off-the-shoulder top with the edgy collar--so good. I wear wide-leg pants a lot because I can't really stand wearing tight pants but they never look this good. You are so gorgeous.


  3. Nice outfit !

    JNK. |

  4. I love everything about this outfit you look stunning x

  5. So fabulous!!

    love your blog girl.

  6. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

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