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Has anybody else gone through a phase where they feel that all their clothes look the same! Because currently that phrase symbolises my entire life. I knew it was a serious problem whilst shopping in TOPSHOP (my favourite place) last week whilst wearing this look featuring my cheap monday jumper (similar here) my Zara pinstripe culottes (similar here) and my Nike tns then found myself at the checkout with a practically matching pinstripe slip dress. 

The pinstripe trend has been has been my absolute favourite this past season tell me yours in the comments below! have a lovely day and Jesus loves you Xx

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  1. Flawless!!


  2. Love these pinstripe culottes and absoloutely love how you've styled them!

  3. you look amazing ! i love this look

  4. love how you added the Nikes to the mix

  5. Love the culottes.

  6. Yes! I'm going through that again but I always like buying similar pieces and shades! Love your style, so cool! :)

    - Che

  7. there was a point when i felt that too, and I just wanted to change my whole wardrobe. but you'll get over it babe =) you look cool, lovin' this streetwear streetstyle vibe!

    xo, Carla

  8. I got rid of so many clothes when I was feeling like that last year. lol

    Nice look, you look so pretty! <3

    x Carla |


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