Dondup Fall 16 Collection


Please let us all just take a moment for this beautiful collection. 
Dondup’s Fall 16 Collection is the spirited love child, of new age grunge and galactic elegance.
By far this is a stand out collection as I’m sure we can all see the oversized, midnight blue, velvet suit and perfectly distressed, denim, co-ord. I am now a firm believer Manuela Mriotti, Dondups creative director. The only question I have to raise is if anyone would be willing to buy me the entire Fall 16' collection, because that present could quite easily completely my entire life. Mariotti stated “I called this collection Cosmic Punk,”..“I believe in the power of individual expression that can bring about change through love. A new renaissance achieved through energy, not destructive but creative.” Well  clearly I’m ready to be apart of this renaissance are you? Let me know in the comments below

The Images were sourced from so hit the link to be in awe of the entire collection   

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