New year New Aviva Dress!


It’s the new year girls it’s time to get yourself that it AVIVA frock.That showstopping number that will turn heads without turning in the entirety of your bank balance. That number that makes you look like Beyoncé and feel absolutely #flawless. From sensational evening dresses that look like they should be sashayed along the red carpet, to beautiful prom dresses that are guaranteed to make you the Belle of the Ball! Get your teeth into these beautiful yet affordable Aviva gowns. With dresses that can be made custom to order in just 4 weeks its no wonder the customer testimonials are raving reviews! Below are links to just a few from the site that took my breath away. They're currently also having an Incredible up to 85% sale (yes, you read right) so now is the best time to take a look you know you want to.

Which one is your favorite? I think the mermaid red has stolen my heart.
 What is so amazing about the site is, if you see a dress you fall in love with but aren't quite feeling the colour you simply pick a different one and they make it custom to order it's that simple! With such affordable prices and beautiful quality, you can't go wrong. 
So yes I think I'd need the first mermaid in white then I'd wear it to to my wedding!
Ha Comment below your favorite one out of my selection dolls's and check out the site here

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  1. Oh that backless one takes my breath away. I would love an occasion where I can wear a dress like this.

    Another Beautiful Thing

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  3. These dresses are so fab! I really like the top three. I kinda wish I had the red one for prom. And then gold and white are my favorite color combinations so I love that one too. Btw I love your last outfit post. That dress was so cute. I'm following you now, can't wait to see what posts you have planned for the future -

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