IT bags of A/W 14


Fendi               //      Vanessa Bruno/    Anya Hindmarch 

Dolce and Gabbana             /                   Moschino              /                Just Cavalli,

So fashion month is well and truly done with for this season but something I cannot get over just yet, is how  undoubtedly stunning the arm gear was that was being sauntered up and down the catwalks in All 4 fashion capitals were! I mean lets just talk about one of the worlds largest fashion houses, creating part of their collection entirely based on the the worlds biggest guilty pleasure McDonald's yes please. Can we just have a moment of silence for the Moschino Slurpee drink clutch *sighs longingly* thanks. Also bags inspired by food didn't stop there oh no hunny this season also birthed Anya Hindmarch's Crisp packet bag which is unsurprisingly already sold out on I believe this personify's The famous Coco Chanel quote (all together now) 'Fashion is in the sky, in the streets, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening'. I mean a bag that looks like it should contain thinly cut flavored slices of potato but instead contains your things -just how chic can you possibly get!

                        Below is my selection of the statement bags available on the high street. they're right beauty's no?

Comment below with your statement on the statement bags of A/W 14 (aha see what i did there)
Hope you have the loveliest weekend & Jesus loves ya!xoxo

-all credits for the beautiful catwalk images above go to

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  1. Love the Moschino bag the fast food theme was so cool at their show! Love the House of Holland bag on the second collection too

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  2. Love the bumbag and henry holland one, Love your blog sweet

    Anna x

  3. very cool collection
    Following you now :)

    greetings to you

  4. nice selection! :D
    love it


  5. Nice selection :)

  6. Congratulations from Spain. I love your blog and your style. I´m your new follower. I would be very happy if you follow me. See you:

  7. ah love all of those bags! that blue fluffy one is gorgeous

  8. Lovely collection of bags , especially Moschino looks super interesting <3 love your blog dear :)


  9. My favorite is Dolce&Gabbana, but also Vanessa Bruno is really cool!


  10. I loved the fast food theme! Made me smile.


  11. Love the white book bag, and the slurpee drink bag, so creative! Also, the Whistles backpack, although at £275 is worth a long weekend trip to Paris, is still just to die, I cannot cope *sigh* One day... Love this post, and the border thing looks amazing! xx


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