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Snow & Spring; not the idealic alliterative pair any of us would dream to be evident in the climate at this time of the year, but it seems as though the unpredictable English (and other parts of the world) weather has struck again, but as this is a fashion blog, I've brought to you a spring trend which you can sport during spring even if it does still feel like winter. It came to my knowledge that sweatshirts and jumpers have a bad press and posses connotations of being worn during partaking in physical activity or whilst lounging around the house, or in Naomi Clarke's from 90210's case, when moping around after boy related drama, so I just had to scour online high street stores to bring you a selection 7 amazing jumpers & sweatshirts to relinquish from any naysayers minds that these items of clothing are anything fashionable. Above I've also featured some lovely ladies sporting the trend like pros as some inspiration.

Hope you loved this post, comment below on your thoughts on the trend and ofcourse have an ohsoamazing Easter xox

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  1. Im obsessing over the tigers, that kenzo made so famous


    1. I know right the Kenzo Jumpers are so lovely, Ive seen so many amazing streetstyle snaps featuring it which have made just a tad jel aha its unfortunate they're all kind of outta my price range aha xo

  2. Lovely post! I am in love with the Kenzo sweater, I literally wear mine all the time. x


  3. im hating the weather so much atm as well! wish spring would just hurry up! but these sweaters brightened my day (literally) love debbies one and the rottweiler is so cool! i want 90210 back on e4 too ..also following your blog! love ur style x

  4. Great blog! oh, yes so stylish! im in love <3 !
    can you visit the mine? one big kiss :* !!

  5. thanks for the comment on my blog! nice post xx

  6. I want that Geometric jumper. Its so edgy:) x



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